How to get investment for Startup in India?

How to get Investment for Startup in India? A big question for everyone. As per the reports, 90% of new startups (Business) have failed due to a lack of funding. It’s hard to survive business without funds. Do you want to know, How to get investment for the startup in India? Do you believe that money is the bloodline of any startup? Every new startup needs funds fuel to continue his journey. When you’re looking to a good start for your new business, consider with an expert on investment.

Investors for Startup

Do you know, How to get investment for the startup in India? If no, don’t need to worry. Here is a comprehensive guideline to find Investors for your Startup. Scroll down your mouse to get funding options for your business.

Bootstrapping (Self-funding):-

Without the fund, it’s hard to run the new business. Money is the soul of every startup/business. First of all, an entrepreneur needs a blueprint for business and bootstrapping. Self-funding is also known as bootstrapping. Candidate can invest his own savings or contribute to family and friends.

Crowdfunding for the startup:-

It’s one of the ways of funding for the startup. Crowdfunding sites provide various types of investors who believe in helping new businesses. In other words, a platform where an entrepreneur mentions his business goal, plans, profits share, and funding details with reasons, etc.

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Angel Networks (Funds) for the startup:-

There are two types of Angel funding. First, Angel investor helps startups individually and second types work in a group of networks. Angel network performs as father i.e. offering mentor-ship, solid advice, and provides access to their network of contacts.

Funds based Contests:-

You can raise funds with the help of contests. Participation in these types of business competitions, entrepreneurs encourage business ideas to set up plans. After winning contests, you can get some media coverage and promote your new startup at free of cost.

Bank Loan:-

After all types of registration of your business, you must touch with the nearest bank. The Bank provides two kinds of finances for his customers. One is funding and the other is the capital loan. Make a blueprint plan of your business and approach the bank manager with a complete file.

Business Loan from Micro financer or NBFCs

Microfinance is another option for a business loan. Lacking some documents, what to do? You can approach with Micro-finance providers and Non-Banking Financial Corporation (NBFCs).

Government Programs:-

The Pradhan Mantri Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency Ltd (Mudra) has already started for startup funds with 10,000 Crore in 2014-15. To get this Mudra loan, you have to submit your business plan and after approved you can get a loan according to your business plan. For more details, contact any Govt. bank.

Best Adviser/Mediator Company for Investment

There are many Adviser /Mediator companies in India those are the bridge between Investors and startups. The voice of India for startups (VOIFS) is one of the best adviser companies for reliable investment. If you want to extend your startup, then free feel to contact with a business executive.

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