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We legalize all work. Only our company makes a legal agreement with its client. If we are not able to connect you to investors as per the legal agreement, we will refund 100% of your fee.
After payment, our team works on your project for a month. • Designer • Consultant • Customer care executive • Marketing executive We promote your project on social media platforms • Facebook • Instagram • Website Upfront fees motivate our team to do all the best for your business. It shows us that you are active and completely dedicated to your business
After payment our team will start working on your project for a month. In a month our team will share your project with lots of investors. Many investors would like to invest in your business but we will filter all the investors and we will connect you with 10 investors in a month. According to your requirements. 10 Investors who are fully interested in investing in your business according to your needs.
A designer will design your model, also create PPT if necessary. An business advisor will consult to the investor for your business. This will represent your business model to investors on your behalf. A marketing executive will promote your business and attract investors to invest in your business.
We will only provide 10 investors who are fully interested in investing in your business. 95% of our work will be done for your project. We already connect you with investors who only want to invest in your business. You only need to work 5% because only you know better about your business. If you are unable to work 5% then do not start a business according to us.
Financial services For India 10,000 Rs + taxes For Europe 350 EUR +taxes For Africa 250 $ + taxes
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